Soichiro Yanagi Head of Media & Analytics

Soichiro Yanagi


柳 惣一郎。日本国内のデジタル時代黎明期よりWeb業界と関わりを持つ。2003年の初めにDAC(デジタル・アドバタイジング・コンソーシアム)に入社し、革新的なメディアテクノロジーと戦略を推進。効果が実証されたチャネルや方法論を確実にキャッチアップし、より深いデータサイエンスと知的財産のメリットを最大化することで、クライアントにとって圧倒的なアドバンテージを生み出している。

“Yanagi” as he is known as our resident polymath. With a natural facility with numbers and analysis, as well as a natural sense for human-oriented communications, he has a wealth of experience as the architect of multichannel brand building strategies. He has led our Media & Analytics offering since 2013 and been instrumental in building out a diversely skilled and multicultural team, that is tightly integrated with our insight-driven creative offerining.

Joining the industry at the start of the digital age, he joined us from DAC at the start of 2007 and has since driven the adoption of innovative media technologies and strategies withouth losing sight of tried and tested channels and methods, and today is bringing an ever deeper data science and anlaytics advantage in creating an unfair advantage for our clients.

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