常にスタッフの能力を重んじること、常に広い視野であることに私たちは誇りを持っています。年齢、性別、性的指向についてフラットな視野で、社会的にも進歩的な企業としてのリーダーシップを示すよう努めています。そうした当社の環境の中で自身を成長させたい方の応募をお待ちしています。お申込みを希望される場合は、Wantedly にてご確認ください。


We are able to create an unfair share of attention for brands by finding elegant solutions to complex challenges. We do this as a hybrid, international team, combining diverse skillsets and cultures: the one essential element we share is a curiosity to acquire new skills and knowledge, and to evolve alongside the platforms and techniques that define success.

We pride ourselves on being meritocratic and inclusive: we do not discriminate based on age, background, gender identity, or sexual orientation, and we strive to show leadership as a progressive employer. If you would like to apply, please upload your CV on our careers site.

*We store any documents we receive from candidates (resume, CV, portfolio etc) securely for a set period of time, after which they will be disposed of. We apologize but we are unable to return any documents submitted to us in any form.